Integrating our social systems so that no matter what demographic you identify with (whether it's your age, gender, income, etc) you can


Live Here

Work Here

Enjoy Here

Yoga at Home

  • Housing

  • Transportation 

  • Sanitation

  • Healthcare

  • Food services

  • Adult service

  • After school for all

Work Here

  • Transportation

  • Small business 

  • Technical and legal assistance for businesses 

  • New, future, and present entrepreneurs 

  • Incentivize health care workers to work in our district

  • Teacher next door/ NYC teacher dev

Working in Cafe
Enjoying Sandwiches
Enjoy HEre

  • After school/out of time for all

  • Sports for all

  • Small business 

  • Park /recreation

  • Water front

  • Reviving Restaurants /lounge