MERCEDES NARCISSE is a dynamic, educated and caring working mother who has dedicated her entire adult life to improving the quality of life for all residents of Brooklyn. 

Mercedes’ commitment to family and community is based on a strong set of values passed on to her by her immigrant parents. Uniquely qualified and specially prepared, Mercedes has sought to bring all people – regardless of class, racial background, economic status, sexual orientation or social position into what she calls “the Family of People.”

As an advocate for her community, Mercedes has tirelessly worked to empower her neighborhood holistically.  In order to excel on all levels, Mercedes works to support all families in our community, helping them understand how local government can work for them, and what they can do together to improve the quality of lives of all in our neighborhoods. 

For decades much of Mercedes focus has been connecting with different groups of young people, encouraging them to get involved by giving back to her community as young leaders in various aspects. Most recently she has partnered with young people at marches for social justice, census outreach, and food and facemask giveaways during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Mercedes Narcisse has been recognized and honored by many organizations and associations for her long record and history of outstanding community service.


In 2008, she was the sole recipient of the “Corporate Award” presented by the New York State Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc.


This award recognized her vast contributions to the growth and development of minority and women-owned businesses in New York State.*


She also received the “Corporate Award Marcus Garvey” presented by the New York Carib News & Marcus Garvey Junior for her contribution to the growth and development of minority 2015.

*CNG Community Award presenting “Brooklyn Women of Distinction” 2018


Today, as the driving force behind her successful medical supplies business, Mercedes continues to lead by example. She is an inspiration and role model to people of all ages. A consummate professional, Mercedes has demonstrated that a focused combination of hard-work, honesty, integrity and a sense of community buy-in is the formula for achieving success.

As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, Mercedes has fiercely worked to improve the quality of healthcare and its delivery, not only in Brooklyn, but overseas as well.  Presently, Mercedes is working as a Re-entry Nurse at Paul J. Cooper Center for Human Services, Inc. where she provides, and addresses outpatient chemical dependency treatment for adult alcohol & drug abusers.  She has also served as the general administrator of two different private clinics, MJC & Brooklyn Gastro.

Mercedes is a CONSENSUS BUILDER and has worked and partnered with a number of local elected leaders to bring much-needed resources to the district. Mercedes interest in local politics started when she joined the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, at a time when few women were admitted. She went on to serve as President of the 41st  Assembly District Democratic Club founded by the late New York City Council Member Lew Fidler. 

Mercedes' well-rounded personality lends itself to community leadership, and public service.